Midwest Favorite

What Customers are Saying:

"You got the flavor spot on!!! Love it. Now they just need to harden up a bit and they will be right on. Nice work and thank you for bringing them back to life."

"Thank you thank you for making these I really missed Candy Raisins they taste the same as the originals. Once again thank you"
Todd P.

"They took me right back to my early days in Milwaukee----THEY'RE AWESOME!!"
Jim W.

"Just finished a bag and I must say, it's close. I grew up eating the original raisins and later worked for NECCO in Pewaukee Wisconsin. I couldn't get enough. I even had to send them to my brother in Illinois. Thanks for the effort and I have to open the next bag now."
-Barb W.

"Picked up a bag from the Oakland St. Walgreens in Milwaukee. Very similar to what I remember! Now we just need someone to reopen Goldman's so I can buy them at the candy counter properly."
-Jessica O.

"WOW!!!! Definitely passed the taste test. Thank you for sending me the bag. I took it down by my girlfriends of almost 50 years so you know how critical we were:) This reminded us of the original ones. Again Thank You for the bag of candy raisins."
-Jane B.

"So very glad I tried your product again! Congratulations! V150 is much closer to the original much beloved and greatly missed iconic Wisconsin: Candy Raisins."
Carol Z.

"Just bought a bag of the v150 formula(lastest formula) and they are so good!! Very close to the original:)"
Bee J.

"You did it............."
Paul O.

"Candy Sunshine V150 is GOOD! I bought some at Woodman's Menomonee Falls this morning. Myself and two other Candy Raisin fans taste tested them and like them!"
Mary L.

"I just finished a 5-lb bag and am ready for another. The V150 are spot on if not BETTER."
E.J. W.

"Just writing to let you know that we've received our order and WOW! That's amazing. This was our first order and we will be back. Need to get some for friends as well."
Raymond C.